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Welcome to our Parent Engagement Page!

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Level Grove is a Title I school and we are dedicated to create a liaison between home and school. 

Level Grove wants to build relationships with parents in the community and create an enriching educational environment for students.  We are committed to providing information, opportunities, and resources to enable parents and guardians to be involved in their child’s academic experience.  Please contact any of the staff listed below to learn about the opportunities that are available and how you can be involved at your child’s school or look on to the links we have provided below. 

Maira Sanchez, Parent Involvement Coordinator, [email protected]

Aimee Shedd, Principal, [email protected]

Stefanie Eaton, Assistant Principal, [email protected]

Dr. Renee York, Director of Federal Programs, [email protected]


Parent Links

Governor's Office of Student Achievement School Grades Report 

Powerschool for Parents

Top Ten Things Teachers Wish Parents Would Do


United States Department of Education Resources:

Countdown to Success - a month by month guide for parents to help students succeed

Parents Guide to the Internet

Prepare My Child for School

Reading Resources

Toolkit for Hispanic Families

Reading every day at home is so important to a student's reading success.  It's okay if parents don't read in English.  Just sit by your child, listen to them read, and ask them questions to have a conversation in your home language about what is happening in the story.  If you're not sure what to ask, you can use the question words as your guide: who, what, when, where, why, how, which, what's more? If you can teach your child to read and write in your home language, research shows that this will help students even more in their journey to reading and writing in English!  The Cornelia public library has a selection of children's books in Spanish. 
Leer todos los días en casa es muy importante para el éxito de la lectura de un estudiante. Está bien si los padres no leen en inglés. Simplemente siéntese junto a su hijo, escúchelo leer y hágale preguntas para tener una conversación en su idioma materno sobre lo que sucede en la historia. Si no está seguro de qué preguntar, puede utilizar las palabras interrogativas como guía: ¿quién, qué, cuándo, dónde, por qué, cómo, cuál y qué más? Si puede enseñarle a su hijo a leer y escribir en su idioma materno, las investigaciones muestran que esto ayudará aún más a los estudiantes en su camino hacia la lectura y la escritura en inglés. La biblioteca pública de Cornelia tiene una selección de libros infantiles en español.
How to help their children academically at home.
Cómo ayudar académicamente a sus hijos en casa.
AR Bookfinder: https://www.arbookfind.com/UserType.aspx?RedirectURL=%2fdefault.aspx (this will allow students and parents to identify AR books at home. They can even take a test if teachers allow AR tests at home)(Esto permitirá a los estudiantes y a los padres identificar libros de AR en casa. Incluso pueden realizar una prueba si los maestros permiten las pruebas de AR en casa).
Unite for Literacy: https://www.uniteforliteracy.com/ (can translate texts and narration) (puede traducir textos y narraciones).