Level Grove Elementary
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Level Grove Media Center's mission is to:
Develop and instill a love of literature and reading for information and pleasure,
Provide support materials to enhance and reinforce the curriculum,
Collaborate with teachers to provide quality learning opportunities, and
Build a foundation for lifelong learning through information literacy.


The media center exists to serve the needs of the students and teachers as they pursue knowledge. To this end the media program makes connections between the curriculum of the school and the wealth of information available in the media center and throughout the world. The media center staff works with the faculty to encourage and promote an appreciation for literature and reading. The staff strives to create an inviting space where students feel welcomed, comfortable and a sense of ownership. The media center not only provides consistent access to information but, we also strive to equip students with the abilities to access, evaluate, and use information well. Through the media program, students become competent in information literacy. This is done through direct teaching of students and through collaborative planning with teachers. The Standards for the 21st-century learner (AASL) and the Georgia Performance Standards are guides to this process. The media's collection, equipment, and technology are constantly reviewed, revised, and expanded to support the acquisition of knowledge.